Ghost Detector & Radar Tracker App Reviews

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It’s awesome

It’s awesome

Fake as fake!!😡😡

This app is fake! Do not waste your money on this!


It’s fake


This is horrible!


Amazing 10/10 super cool hyper realistic cool kids best app ever never seen better ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL


How many spirits or ghosts or whatever are normally in a house..? Or common I guess?

No good

Upon using this app. It does very little except for try and sell you upgrade. This app tries to trap you into buying upgrade by not allowing you to back of app. In effect you have to force close it too exit. So uninstalling and no longer will use apps from this developer. If you try to force me too, i will boycott. So i hope you dont think your tactics were worth it???????????

Not worth

I went to a funeral home and it couldn’t detect anything no matter how many times I got in a coffin with the bodies

Freaky ghost 👿👻😱

My friend and I were having a sleepover we found this app and thought we would try it . We found about 10 ghosts in the house !Before we went to bed that night scissors fell off the desk they were in a bucket before they fell . We checked my desk and there was a ghost there . So if u like to be scared u should try this app its very realistic.🙂😱

It’s fake

It’s fake

Useless App

I’m a paranormal investigator and I’m always looking for apps that are legitimate and possibly helpful. This isn’t one if them! All this app does is display a “radar image” and keeps repeating “spirit nearby”. But the “radar” doesn’t even show a blip to indicate where the so-called spirit is supposed to be. I’m going to delete this app as soon as I finish writing this review.

I don’t know if it real are not

I don’t know if is real but something is calling out my daughter name and her name is Daisy and that her name the Ghost only say my daughter name Daisy


Creo q es demaciado caro


Don’t waste your time or money on this app, the “ghosts” are fake, the adds are overwhelming, poor quality app.


This app is so freakin phony. Every 5-10 seconds it tells you that a spirit is near by, then it’s gone 😡

Degorda defantasma


Seems realistic but...

Isn’t it weird cuz after every 5-10 seconds it detects another ghost


It’s so creepy

This is horrible

I have to pay to talk to the ghosts. Really this is lame.

Please read ☹️

I want to talk to ghosts but I can’t afford it I am poor

Purchased the App

Fun to use but I didn’t get the translate button. Don’t understand why perhaps I purchased the 9.99 special offer.

App request

This app is real but it makes you see demons and ghost can you plz do an app exactly like this but to only see and communicate with angels? That would be cool since my mom caught me using this and I’m not allowed on it anymore but I don’t think she would mind if it’s angels only thank you.

Hey dudes



This was downloaded and upgraded by mistake on my phone, now by me, and now I cannot stop the monthly fees. I want to cancel this and it will not let me😡

Worst app

This app is horrible I thought it was cool at first until deleted it Bc I didn’t have enough storage anymore now it will redownlaod itself, it has no cover anymore it’s just white , and when I go to open it , it glitched my phone out . It’s kind of scary tbh .

Fake but definitely fun

It’s painfully obvious that it doesn’t work but it’s fun and entertaining.

it’s ok

you cannot translate without pay. app is fun to play with.

Brian Phil

Found a ghost

Ghost in the car

Sooo I was at a place and my ghost radar started to describe my sister and we got so creeped out so we downloaded this app and saw the ghost we got so creeped out so we left then we got in the car and I tried the app again and it was right in front of me I got the crap scared out of me


I’m an artist and I was at home working on a new record when I started felling those chill spots in 95 degree heat here in The Bahamas. I went and downloaded this app and 3 seconds in something popped up and in the exact spot the chill spot was at the time and it said it was 29 and evil. I watched this thing move and the chill spot moved too and it started talking using the app and I deleted this so fast lol.

Cool but not cool

The app is really cool but $3 just here the answer to your questions, or to translate what they are saying, really. Also when ever something cool is about to happen a stupid advertisement shows up.



Was fake

I hated it u saw a fake ghost and its horrible I hate it 👎👎

Couldn’t be FAKER!!!!!!

It’s so fake I’d rather watch a sponge that lives in a potato

Need a refund

My card is linked to my account and one of my little cousins bought the $10 lifetime thing and I’d like that refunded please. He wasn’t supposed to do that. App is cool though! Good work

It’s not real

Everywhere I go, inside or outside, this tells me there are ghosts everywhere. So, I “communicate” with them and out of 6 different “spirits” they all gave the same sequence of answers. This is for entertainment purposes only. Anyone who says anything else has never had a true paranormal experience. This app gets one star for entertainment purposes.

mostly ghostly

i am a true believer!! i have a ghost fan club!!

This might be legit

So when I was testing this out I saw a ghost and thought it was a fake. I saw it again and than it disappears. But than. After it disappeared I heard a loud ghostly groan coming from THE SAME directions the ghost was at.


So stupid I wanted to goof around with something and I downloaded a couple apps and this is one so dumb, it has like dragon ghosts and what looks like little tumbleweed ghosts 🙄. By far one of the worst apps I have downloaded, and I read the other reviews before downloading this and I thought it would be the real deal but it’s not even close. Huge waist of time. If I could give it 0 stars I would.


I was using this DO NOT DOWNLOAD it is a waste of time

Not accurate

I hired a catholic priest for 100 dollars cause I thought my house was haunted after this game plz don’t click bait me I thought I was special but now I’m just annoyed.


This is kind of a knock off game because the questions are working

Ghost tracker

It’s frustrating because every time a ghost appears an ad pops up on it.

Gave me chills

So I was just using this app and i looked too my bed and I see a draped ghost probably and I’m thinking “wait so there’s a ghost sleeping above me?!” I still thought it was cool👍🏾


This app it Fake. Everywhere I go there is a host and the chat dose not even work I am very disappointed because it works with other people. I suggest to find another app if you wanna find out if it is really real or not I can’t decide. People are getting Positive feed back when I am not.

This App is fake.

If you’re looking for ghost hunting equipment please invest real paranormal equipment. This app is fake and I see all kinds of spirits without this app. I know what they look like and it’s nothing like made up specters.




This app is just stupid


Me and my cousin did this at 3:00 and there was we heard a noise so we got on the app and there was something in the kitchen but it was a good spirit so then we turned it of then we heard a different sound in the dinning room so we opens the app again and it was a DEMON we were soo spooked!!! We like this app but THIS IS NOT FAKE!!!

Strange noises

One night I woke up and heard someone screaming, I asked everyone in my house what it was but nobody could hear it. The sound lead me to my basement I turned the whole place upside down but didnt find anything. It then occurred to me that the ghost was probably invisible. I scrounged the web for something that could help me see ghosts but couldnt find anything. I eventually came across the various ghost radar apps but none of them worked. After several sleepless nights and trying app after app I found this one. Sure enough there was a hostile spirit in my basement. Once the spirit figured out I could see it, it left. Thank you so much for saving my life I wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for this app. God Bless.

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